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October 20, 2010


Human beings are endowed with the gift to learn, improve, and succeed. Any opportunity to learn will help us fulfill ourselves. This blog is concerning hospitality English. It provides students to access the learning materials for self learning.


Hospitality English is a course focusing on key communication concepts and vocabulary as used in the hotel and tourist industries. Units are designed around the specific job functions they represent.

Chapter 1 Front Desk

               Lesson 1 Introduction of Front Office Service.

               Lesson 2 Room Reservation via Telephone.

                Lesson 3 Check-in and Bell Service

                Lesson 4 Check-out


Practical English in Modern Hotels


Lesson 1

October 19, 2010

Lesson 2

October 15, 2010

Lesson 3

October 14, 2010

Lesson 4

October 12, 2010


October 10, 2010

Please take all the quizzes provided to test your understanding about Hospitality English. Try your best to finish all the exercises. Practice makes perfect! Good Luck!

Section A. Multiple Choice.

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Section B. Ture or False.

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Section C. Jumbled up Sentences. 

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Section D. Crosswords Puzzle.

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Section E. Fill in The Blanks.

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Section F. Matching.

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Teacher’s Guide

October 3, 2010

Teaching goal and requirements

This blog course name is Lingua-hotel.  This blog include multimedia lessons, online exercises, some relative links and references. There are lesson 1 Introduction of Front Office Service, lesson 2 Room Reservation via Telephone, lesson 3 Check-in and Bell Service and lesson 4 Check-out.

This Lingua-hotel course is for EFL learner, especially students who study diploma in vocational college. Lingua-hotel course will help students to master basic knowledge of the function of Reception Desk Service; use basic English expression about Reception Desk Service, especially improve their English listening and speaking skills. This Lingua-hotel course is a basic English course for Hospitality Management subject students which focuses on communication concepts and vocabulary of importance in the hotel and tourist industries.

The course mainly aim is to help students to:

l  master basic knowledge, improve their English listening and speaking skills, so that the students can use English in written and oral communication in the hotel service, and provide better services for overseas visitors.

l  cultivate students’ communication strategies, guides the students to grasp the effective communication methods and skills.

l  access the learning materials for self-learning.

The lesson plan is in For Teachers-Teacher’s Guide, which is to help teachers and provides a guideline in the classroom about using the blog. However, you might want to do your own lesson plan in order to meet the needs of your students (Please click on Teacher’s Guide in blog to view a sample lesson plan).

Communication is a key in hospitality industry. From hotel manager down to the common housekeeper, you need to be able to communicate well with guests if you want them to feel right at home in the hotel. For that you need to master English. English is your ticket to success in hospitality industry. The ability to communicate well is the ability to serve well. If you want to be a part of this booming industry, make sure you could speak and understand good English.

This Lingua-hotel course is designed for Chinese vocational college students in Hospitality Management subject. The Lingua-hotel course provides students to access the learning materials for self-learning. Students will become much more independent.  The Lingua-hotel course allow for students to be more motivated learners. There are lots of videos used in the course design. The related links provide a materials platform for students who interested in specific topic further study. Experience practical English, come to Lingua-hotel.